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1 Hotels
Art Direction / Branding / Design / Strategy

Capturing the nature of a place.

Barry Sternlicht came to us in 2013 with a concept for a new luxury hotel chain inspired by nature. Our task was to help him create this new brand from scratch.

The eco-hotel concept was not a new one but the market had shifted and greater importance was placed on an authentic experience of the place you’re in. Our positioning captured “the nature of a place” – both the natural world that shapes a local environment and the people and culture that define that sense of place.

We created an organic brand identity system with the philosophy that ‘every One is different.’ Through this, the brand conveyed a consistent sense of self but adapted to capture the unique nature of the place it was located in.

Working with the team at Starwood Capital, we created everything from the brand collateral and hotel photography to the website and all its editorial content.


Client: Starwood Capital Agency: Mother Creative Director: Michael Ian Kaye Design Director: Christian Cervantes Design: Chris Rogers, Jules Tardy Copywriter: Martin Baker, Marisa Aveling Account Managers: Krystal Loyland, Julia Reisen, Renee Rauchut, Nick Feder Strategy: Jasmine Clarke Account Managers: Krystle Loyland, Julia Reisen Web Design: Possible Photography: Ben Pogue, Michael Graydon, Brett Stevens

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