Collective Design

Collective Design
Branding / Design

Giving life to a contemporary voice to a new design fair.

Collective Design is a organisation dedicated to bringing together creative voices from around the world in a lively, essential discourse on modern and contemporary design and art. Its activities and programming culminate each May in the annual Collective Design Fair, which showcases masterworks of the 20th and 21st centuries alongside experimental works from the next generation of global talent. They came to us for a brand identity refresh that not only could speak to both the worlds of art and design simultaneously, but also do so in a creative, contemporary way.

Our strategy centered around connectivity – the notion that a collective group of people from all over the globe with discerning and different tastes could come together through the auspices of a new kind of creative gathering. The resulting identity system acts as a kit of parts that can change year over year, location to location, as the Fair expands into other markets and continues to broaden its offerings internationally.


Client: Collective Design/Stephen Lerner Creative Director: Christian Cervantes Design: Jules Tardy, Max Ackermann Account Manager: Amy Becker Photographers: Scott Rudd

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